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federation university partnership

Our partnership with Federation University focuses on the development of pre-service teachers.

Our school was chosen based on the outstanding achievements of our students and the dedication of our teachers to education. We have a number of pre-service teachers working with our school. These students have been involved in our wetlands excursions and in teaching ICT skills to our students.



As part of the requirements of the Bachelor of Education unit “Place in Space” all 3rd year pre-service teachers work closely with our 3 to 6 learning unit.

This involves four of our teachers working along side Senior Lecturer Monica Green to immerse pre-service teachers in authentic inquiry based learning programs. It begins with our teachers lecturing pre-service teachers on the importance of inquiry learning. They break down how to plan for personal learning and assist pre-service teachers in the preparation and implementation of learning activities that take place at the Brodrib Reserve Wetlands in Morwell.

Our 3 – 6 students spend the day at the Brodrib Reserve Wetlands rotating through a range of learning experiences taught by the pre-service teachers. Staff assist pre-service on this day by providing direct feedback. Once the excursion is over each pre-service teaching group presents a journey of their growth and understandings. Staff attend these follow up presentations and assist with assessments.



After the day at Brodrib reserve between 4 and 6 pre-service teachers come back to the school and spend three weeks working with the 3-6 teachers and students to further their understanding of inquiry based learning.

As part of the partnership our teachers also spend time at Federation University where they lecture and teach about Inquiry Based Learning.