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At the start of each year parents are asked to fill out a permission form giving authority for head checks. If your child is found to have headlice you will be notified about the need to keep your child home until treatment has occurred.

Illness & Infectious Diseases

If your child is unwell please keep them at home to ensure the health of other children in the school. Information about school exclusion due to illness can be found on the on the School Exclusion Table by clicking here. This information is maintained by the Department of Human Services.


In the event of a serious injury or sickness at school, parents will be contacted immediately, or if unavailable, the emergency person listed on the child’s file will be contacted. In the case of an emergency an ambulance will be called immediately. All minor injuries will be recorded in the First Aid record book and a note will be sent home with your child explaining the injury and treatment.

Late Arrival

Parents are asked to come through the office area first and record their child’s late arrival with an office staff member. Students will be given a card, which needs to be handed to their classroom teacher.

Medication at School

All medication for students must be kept at the office.  Written instructions on how and when to administer the medication must be provided. Students who suffer from asthma must have an Asthma Plan completed and filed at the office.  This should be updated regularly.

All medication for students must be kept at the office.  Written instructions on how and when to administer the medication must be provided to the school. It is important that the school is informed of any ongoing illness or medical problems your child may have.

Parent Parking and Dropping Children Off

There are very busy streets that surround our school, so it is essential that parents observe the parking restrictions when picking up and dropping off children in Chapel and White Streets. Please be aware that parking inspectors regularly patrol the area and will post infringement notices on cars parked illegally.

Payments to the School

All money sent to the school should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, marked with your child’s name, class, the amount enclosed and what it is for. Please note that no money is kept at school for change. School fees information can be found on the enrolment page.

Picking up children from school

Parents must notify the school if your child is to be collected by other people.

Signing In and Out

Parents are asked to come through the office and sign the attendance book if children are leaving school before 3:00pm. Parents also need to sign children out if they have appointments during school hours. If students are returned to school after an appointment they must be signed back in.

Visits to the School

Visitors to the school, which includes trades persons, visiting teachers or specialists and those parents assisting with class programs are required to sign in and collect a visitor’s badge at the office. This enables students and staff to easily recognise visitors.

forms a-z

Please email me any generic forms you want to link to the website for parents to download. The following are just suggestions.


Library Book Borrowing

Confidential Medical Information

School Excursions Permission

Temporary Medication Consent

policies a-z

Please contact the school if you would like a copy of any of our school policies.