positive behaviour & student welfare

positive behaviour

SCARF Values

At Commercial Road Primary School we believe everyone has the right to fully participate in an educational environment that is safe, supportive and inclusive. Underpinning all behaviours within the school are the core SCARF values of Support, Co-operation, Acceptance, Respect and Friendliness.



At the end of each term, four students are awarded for their outstanding demonstration of our SCARF values.


Behaviourial Expectations

Teachers and students develop classroom behaviours and expectations through collaborative discussions about teacher and student jobs. This type of collaborative discussion alleviates implementing rules and ensures everyone is responsible for their own  behaviour and choices.



Stop Think Do

Commercial Road Primary School implements a program called Stop Think Do to teach social skills and manage student behaviour. The program aims to improve the social functioning of all children. The Stop Think Do program focuses on teaching children good communication, problem solving and behavioural skills. It encourages students to stop and think about their responses in certain situations and encourages them to think about choices and consequences. Stop Think Do problem solving processes are taught using the universal traffic light symbol to cue the steps.

By practising Stop Think and Do over and over again in social interactions, students develop    self-discipline, self-control, self-esteem, self-confidence, maturity, respect, empathy, independence and responsibility.

In addition to practicing and teaching Stop Think Do, we have also implemented a positive reward system. Students are presented with ‘Stop, Think, Do Tickets’ when they are seen using our SCARF values or practicing Stop, Think, Do behaviours. Once a week students can use their tickets to ‘purchase’ particular prizes from the SCARF Market.

student welfare

School Welfare Officer

The school’s Welfare Officer works on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if the Welfare Officer can be of assistance with any welfare concerns you have about your child.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open from 7:45am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. For the cost of only 50 cents, students can enjoy pancakes, raisin toast, sausages and scrambled eggs.


We have a designated area within the school grounds where students can go if they need support to find a friend. Junior School Council members are rostered on to help support students establish friendships.